Shimmer and Shine Genies Divine Foil Stickers

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Grant their wishes with Shimmer and Shine sticker designs you’ll find only at Kids Love Stickers!®

6 Shimmer and Shine sticker designs.
75 foil stickers per roll or pack.
Sticker size 2 1/2".

KLS Exclusive Stickers!

Shimmer and Shine stickers available for U.S. sales only.

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Promote, Motivate & Reward! 

• Please a crowd with affordable stickers – stickers are quick and easy rewards 
• Build loyalty – show kids and parents you care, encourage return visits 
• Engage children, put children at ease 
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More about... 

Fraternal twin genies, Shimmer and Shine, grant wishes for their human best friend, Leah. However, these young genies often make mistakes, but they all learn together that misguided wishes can be fixed. Their magical adventures includes next-door neighbor, Zac, and Shimmer and Shine’s pets, Hahal and Tala. This Nickelodeon TV series is popular with kids.

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