Smiley Face Dots Stickers

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Smiley face stickers come in handy for all occasions! These come nine on one sheet with a variety of bright colors and different faces!

9 Smiley Face sticker designs.
810 dots total (90 sheets of 9).
Sticker sheet size: 2 1/2".
Individual dot stickers: 3/4".
Available on rolls only.

Dot Stickers are a great way to help you... 
Promote, Motivate & Reward!

• Multiple stickers in one – an affordable way to please a crowd 
• Build loyalty – Dots are a handy giveaway for visitors (Don't forget scrapbooking Moms!) 
• Engage children, put them at ease with a variety of fun stickers 
• Promote yourself – add flair to envelopes or nametags

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